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PETS PETS on sale now!

It’s release day, folks! Pick up Pets Pets by GAMENIGHT now on iTunes and other digital retailers and stream it on Spotify! Enjoy!


Click on the store link above to order our new album! It’s officially out. You can also stream it on spotify or purchase it on iTunes and all that jazz. Hope you like it!

Stream the full 12-song record now!

Pre-order the CD version of GAMENIGHT’s new record, “Pets Pets”, directly from the band now through August 15th: http://gamenight.storenvy.com/
The record will be available at digital retailers on August 27th.

Pre-order the CD version of GAMENIGHT’s new record, “Pets Pets”, directly from the band now through August 15th: http://gamenight.storenvy.com/

The record will be available at digital retailers on August 27th.

We’re super-ultra-mega excited to announce the next Missing Words release: GAMENIGHT’s next full length offering “Pets Pets” will be available on August 27th.

Take a look at the video the guys made and get excited.

Missing Words 2.0

Hey guys. Been a while, hope everything is stellar with you. Things in Missing Words-land have been slow but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The problem with running a business all on your own is that sometimes life gets in the way and that’s most definitely what’s happened here — thankfully the timing worked out as none of our existing bands really had much going on either. 

I’ve got a couple fun announcements planned for you soon regarding some wonderful artists we’ve worked with in the past but in the meantime I wanted to share with you the kinda-sorta new direction for MWR.

In the last few years the music industry has gone nuts and indie record labels are falling by the wayside — let’s face it, in the modern age a smart band doesn’t really NEED a label. But this label is my dream and while I have a very time-consuming day job now, I don’t want to let my dream and only real connection to music die out. After much soul searching I’ve decided to change direction with the label by shifting focus to more of an artist management firm rather than a proper release-focused record label.

I still plan to to release records but having that as the primary focus is just no longer a viable business model in this industry. I’m hoping to find 1-2 hard-working, highly-motivated bands that I can work with to establish a realistic direction and strategy then help to develop a plan to work toward accomplishing their goals. 

So… know any awesome bands looking for some help? Send them my way! As always Missing Words is 100% about the love of music and I’m just hoping to find a band or two to help me continue to spread music I care about. 

Thanks for your support these last 14 years (whoa!) and don’t worry, some other new stuff is coming down the pipe. 


Ugh, I guess I’m going to have to rework the website sometime…

Awesome video of GAMENIGHT covering Mock Orange!

Our boys in GENERATION OF VIPERS just re-released their brilliant record “Howl and Filth”. Check out the full stream here and be sure to check them out when they’re on the road later this year!

Check out the FALLING DOWN IIV Compilation featuring a brand new track by OCOAI!

A super awesome OCOAI fan from Russia made a great music video for the song Grimpeur from The Electric Hand! Check it out!

FREE MUSIC! WHEREABOUTS - Red Lights Remastered!

About 10 years ago we were working with an amazing band from our hometown of Ventura by the name of the WHEREABOUTS! We helped to distribute their first record, “Red Lights, Stop Signs and Everything in Between” and had plans to release their next album before the band was forced to disband for personal reasons. We loved this band and thought it would be cool to give you all the opportunity to download their first record, remastered and completely free! Just click the link below to download the entire record!


And the best news of all, the guys are back together and plan to rerecord the songs they wrote back in the early 2000s for that record Missing Words was planning to release, so if you enjoy the remastered “Red Lights” keep checking back for new updates and music!